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Created by a team of professionals with over 60 years of experience in talent acquisition, training, and management, Strengths at Work® tools...

  • Provide immediate insights into yours or someone else's natural strengths
  • Offer a positive framework for self-awareness, communication, and change

  • Show you how to leverage those strengths to drive desired outcomes

  • Identify optimal and limiting behaviors associated with how a strength is expressed


Sample Strength: Solving Problems

Compared to other personal and team development tools, Strengths at Work®...


  • Uses "every day" language to describe optimal and limiting behaviors

  • Employs a simple sorting process to identify natural strengths 

  • Targets development of natural abilities

  • Frames improvement opportunities by strength, not weakness

  • Supports multiple professional and personal uses; it's easy to apply in day-to-day activities 

  • Works well in one-to-one and group situations, as well as with any level of personnel

Strengths at Work® Tools & Services

Individual Kit

Discover your strengths and create an action plan using the self-paced Online Guide and set of set of 4" x 6" write on/wipe off cards that describe 29 strengths in their optimal and "overdrive" expressions.

Here's Solving Problems when that strength is in "overdrive." Check out these limiting reactive behaviors.


Ready-To-Go Workshop Kit

Maximize your delivery and save time using digital downloads of our: PowerPoint slides, Facilitator Guide with speaker notes, and PDFs for participant handouts so you can introduce people to their Strengths at Work® in a 3.5 hour session.  Includes: a 10% on individual kits (when ordered with the Workshop Kit) and 1 hour access (to be scheduled) to certified trainer

21-Day Guide to Living Your Strengths

With the help of this guide, put your strengths in the foreground of your busy life and harness the power of your unique gifts. In 21 days, your strengths-based perspective will become a new lens to see and maximize opportunities. Available as a hard copy or digital download

Strengths at Work Coaching Session

In a 90-minute session with a certified Strengths at Work® coach, identify your strengths and learn how to leverage those assets in your professional and professional life.   


On-Site Workshops

Engage a certified facilitator to introduce your group to Strengths at Work® and apply the concepts in your environment. Contact us today to tell us about your opportunity and explore how we can help with identifying strengths, team building, and strengths-based leadership.

Manager's Guide - Coming Soon!

Explore how to leverage strengths in the workplace and discover tips from managers who are successfully implementing a strengths-based strategy.  Available as a hard copy or digital download

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