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you had a new way to engage trainees and  you could...

Imagine that …


Help them access their full potential and energy by tapping into their natural strengths

Foster lasting change by creating a common language and approach

Develop and support people at all levels across organizational groups

Build a “bench” that is better prepared to communicate, collaborate, and perform

Identify opportunities to further develop strengths and drive results

Provide people with a sustainable way to feel involved, energized, and satisfied at work

Strengths at Work® gives trainees and talent development managers tools to...

  • Identify each person’s natural strengths

  • Discover how these strengths are at work — professionally and personally

  • Recognize potential limiting behaviors associated with their strengths

  • Create individual or group action plans based on their new insights


Organizations that value individual strengths and create a common language…

Have more engaged employees who are able to get more done, faster

Create cohesive, high functioning teams through greater understanding and appreciation of individual differences

Communicate more effectively, experience fewer problems, and resolve conflicts quickly

Earn greater employee loyalty and commitment

How would your organization improve if...
it could harness the power of people's natural strengths at work?

When chartered to "train" 10 key executives, Strengths at Work provided me with an engaging and productive solution. Even these seasoned professionals found value in identifying their strengths and discovering how those strengths may be perceived by peers and direct reports. This tool was an excellent springboard to have some difficult discussions and to create action plans for improving communication and strengthening relationships.


Stephanie Fitzgerald


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