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Imagine that…

you knew the strengths of people you coach so well you could…

Give people new ways of looking at themselves, their strengths, and the world

Help individuals quickly recognize what’s working and what’s not — and why

Coach to strengths instead of weaknesses to improve confidence and execution

Help them engage their full potential and energy by tapping into their natural strengths

Support them in identifying work, environments, and relationships that are rewarding

Provide them with a sustainable way to navigate the world and get more of what they want


Strengths at Work® gives coaches and mentors easy-to-use tools to:

  • Identify a person’s natural strengths

  • Discover how these strengths are at work — professionally and personally

  • Recognize potential limiting behaviors associated with those strengths

  • Create an action plan based on new insights


People who understand and value their own strengths and those of others…

Develop an inner compass to facilitate decision making

Feel empowered and more at ease in the world

Communicate effectively, experience fewer problems, and resolve conflicts more easily

How would the lives of the people you coach improve if...
you could help them harness the power of their natural strengths?

Not only is Strengths at Work a helpful tool to improve performance at work, but also in life. As a business executive turned psychotherapist over my 40-year career, I know there is significant long-term ROI for an enterprise that grows their people.


One of the things I like most about this method is that it depersonalizes and normalizes less stellar behaviors that arise under stress. “This is not a fatal flaw. I’m just stressed and not at my best; I can change that.” The strengths-based framework is an affirming and empowering approach that allows us to keep our ears on rather than shutting down — creating an essential space for growth at work and in all areas of life.

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Gayle Cordes, Ph.D 
Behavioral Health

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