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Provides immediate insight into yours or someone else’s natural strengths

Offers a positive framework for self-awareness, communication, and change

Shows you how to leverage those strengths to drive desired outcomes


Mission & Vision

Help people harness the power

of their natural strengths

so they can live more fulfilling lives
— personally and professionally.

Provide products and services

that make it easy for individuals,

teams, leaders, coaches, and organizations
to operate from
a strengths-based approach.

Driving Beliefs

People hunger to express their natural strengths and be valued.


Better is always a choice.


You are the director of your own movie.


Your thoughts shape your experiences
and possibilities.

You can start from wherever

you are right now.


About Us

Over the course of three decades, our approach to leadership, staff development, and building relationships has been to notice, honor, and work with people's strengths — helping them to find ways to fully express their natural talents and seek out people and places where those strengths are valued.


This inspired us to create a tool that helps people access this meaningful way of connecting to themselves and others. Strengths at Work® is the result of insights we've gained from interviewing, training, coaching, and working with thousands of individuals. 

Susan Sanders
Co-Author & Managing Partner
Jean Devine

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